Silver Eagle's Letterbox Aerie

                               HIGHPOINT SERIES

 This series is dedicated to the highest point in a state, country, or continent, but mainly in the United States. People that climb highpoints have created a club called Highpointersand their goal is to climb as many as they can. Even though I climbed several before knowing about letterboxing, my goal is to place as many letterboxes on highpoints as I can, and I hope you will come along with me.





AR High

07/30/06?, AR?

NH High

06/11/06Gorham, NHCoos

Petit Paradise

05/18/09Petit St. Vincent, GrenadinesLesser Antilles

Rocky Mountain High

08/04/05Leadville, COLake

TX High

03/10/05?, TX?

 Top Of Mississippi


 Iuka, MS


Top Of Vermont

06/18/09Stowe, VTLamoille