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                           LEWIS & CLARK SERIES

The Lewis & Clark Expedition was one of the most dramatic and significant episodes in the history of the United States. Following the Lousiana Purchase in 1803, Thomas Jefferson assigned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to cross the North American continent from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean by way of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers. Not only did they search for a practical transportation link, they also observed and collected plant, animal and mineral specimens along the way while keeping detailed journals. They started on May 16, 1804, from Wood River, Illinois and after traveling over two years and 8,000 miles returned to St. Louis, Missouri on September 23, 1806. Today the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail closely follows their journey through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. Though much has changed, much endures the way Lewis and Clark saw it 200 hundred years ago.





Lewis & Clark In IA

06/22/03Onowa, IAMonona

Lewis & Clark In ID

08/01/04Lowell, IDIdaho

Lewis & Clark In KS

06/21/03Leavenworth, KSLeavenworth

Lewis & Clark In MO

06/21/03Lewis & Clark Village, MOBuchanan

Lewis & Clark In MT

08/01/04Dillon, MTBeaverhead

Lewis & Clark In ND

06/24/03Williston, NDWilliams

Lewis & Clark In NE

06/22/03Shubert, NENemaha

Lewis & Clark In OR

11/10/03Troutdale, ORMultnomah

Lewis & Clark In SD

06/23/03Pierre, SDHughes

Lewis & Clark In WA

11/09/03Ilwaco, WAPacific