Silver Eagle's Letterbox Aerie

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 Howdy, my name is Silver Eagle, and welcome to my Letterbox Web Page!  Letterboxing is a treasure hunt (typically through parks and other scenic areas) for small boxes with ink stamps (usually handmade) hidden by other letterboxers. 

 I first heard about letterboxing from an article in a magazine in the spring of 2002.  I found my first letterbox on 8/31/2002 at the Finch Arboretum in Spokane, Washington and hid my first box on 9/21/2002 at Zube Park in Texas.  At the top you can see my current number of boxes Placed & Found, stamps eXchanged, and Events attended.  I have placed boxes in 21 countries on 4 continents and 49 U.S. states. 

Click on Letterboxes to see where I have placed my boxes (clues posted on LBNA) and Series to see my theme-based ones.  Click on Events to see a list of Letterbox Events I have attended and Photo Gallery to see pictures from those Events.   Click on Guestbook to post a comment.  Happy hunting!

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